S/I (Shipping Instruction)

S/I (Shipping Instruction)

S/I (Shipping Instruction) is a document provided by the exporter.  The Freight Forwarder uses this instruction to create B/L (Bill of Lading).
While the Shipping Instruction is not a mandatory document, it is commonly prepared by the exporter to address the necessary information to the forwarder.

S/I template can be downloaded from here.

Information to mention on the Shipping Instruction:

●    BILL OF LADING NO.: Transcontainer USA Inc.’s booking#

●    SHIPPER/ EXPORTER: Exporter’s name & address

●    CONSIGNEE: Consignee’s name & address

●    NOTIFY PARTY: Notify party’s name & address (if different from Consignee)

●    PLACE OF RECEIPT: the location where Transcontainer USA Inc. receives the shipment from an exporter or shipper.

●    EXPORT CARRIER: the vessel name & voyage number

●    PORT OF LOADING: the location where the shipment’s container will be loaded

●    PORT OF DISCHARGE: the location where the shipment’s container will be discharged from the vessel.

●    PLACE OF DELIVERY: the final destination of the shipment’s container.


  •   This box can be used to add any additional info 
        ■    shipper company names or shipment reference#
        ■    destination
        ■    number of packages
  •    this box is optional, it is NOT required to be filled


  • Total number of packages & package type - example: “1 PALLET”
  • Shipment commodity
    ■    for Hazardous shipments - mention Hazardous info (UN#, Class, PG, and etc.) Shipment term - Prepaid or Collect?
  • HS codes (Harmonized System Code)
  • 14-digit ITN#
    ■     (Or NOEEI - if the shipment value is $2500 or under)
  • Exporter’s or shipper’s reference# (if any)

●    GROSS WEIGHT: shipment’s total weight in Kilograms

●    MEASUREMENT: shipment’s total volume in CBM or M3

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